$17,000,000 Jury Verdict + $50,000,000 Plan of Liquidation

An Austin, Texas jury awarded Brownlie Hansen LLP’s clients, real estate investors, $17,000,000 in damages against a New York-based investment fund and its affiliates. Prior to the trial, other defendants entered into a plan of liquidation that has the potential to bring another $50,000,000 to the investors. Read the New York Times coverage of the litigation. >> Read the full article

“Sweet” Defense Victory: Federal Court Dismisses Sugar Class Action

A California federal judge granted Brownlie Hansen LLP’s motion to dismiss a sugar-based consumer fraud class action against NextFoods, Inc., maker of popular probiotic juice drink GoodBelly®. The latest decision in a growing area of law addressing sugar related claims, the court found reasonable consumers would not likely be deceived because sugar content was clearly stated and “not inconsistent” with GoodBelly’s digestive health statements. The Court’s detailed ruling addressed a number of additional issues including reliance on scientific studies, puffery, warranties, and injunctive relief. Read the motion to dismiss ruling. >> Read the full article


Appellate Win on Novel Issue for Conrad Prebys Foundation Heading to California Supreme Court

An appellate victory for one of the largest foundations in San Diego history leads to a split in the California Courts of Appeal as to whether former board members have standing to sue. “The Court of Appeal’s decision balances the need to protect board members from potentially abusive litigation with the need to protect nonprofits when legitimate issues are raised” said Robert Brownlie. Read the Court of Appeal’s decision. The California Supreme Court granted review of the case to resolve the split among the Courts of Appeal. >> Read the full decision

Aviation Wrongful Death Lawsuit Resolved

Brownlie Hansen LLP resolved an alleged multimillion dollar wrongful death lawsuit involving ten parties in two countries and four states arising from an aviation accident. The settlement, the terms of which are confidential, was obtained after Brownlie Hansen LLP obtained a sanction award against the lead plaintiff due to discovery abuses.