Practice Areas

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Our practice focuses on solving problems and resolving disputes faced by businesses and entrepreneurs in a wide range of areas. We have considerable expertise assisting our clients in the following areas:

• Organics; drift; misapplication; crop quality/yield; crop grading; application technique; application equipment; tissue sampling/lab data; experimental products; research/development; aerial application; ground application; accidents involving aerial and ground application equipment; regulatory issues; HAZMAT; personal injury; contamination; property damage; contracts

• United States Supreme Court; United States Second Circuit Court of Appeals; United States Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals; United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals; United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals; California Supreme Court; California Court of Appeal

Catastrophic personal injury
• Automotive; aviation; implement; tractor-trailer; premises injury

Class action
• Securities; education; consumer products; OTC drugs; supplements; food; employment; housing/real estate; transportation; construction; restoration; antitrust; tax; automotive
• Consumer fraud statutes, including state unfair business practice and consumer protection statutes in California and other states

• International collection; prejudgment enforcement procedures, including attachment orders and appointment of receivers; embezzlement investigation; seizure of millions in assets; auction of assets; accounts receivable risk management

Competition law
• Federal and state antitrust cases, including class actions
• Cases under state unfair business practice and consumer protection statutes, such as California Business & Professions Code sections 17200 and 17500 and California Civil Code section 1750 et seq.
• Business torts

• Joint ventures; distribution; research and development; sales; agriculture; food; import/export; services; goods; finance

Corporate governance
• Shareholder derivative suits involving public and private companies
• Litigation avoidance counseling, including the review and preparation of minutes and corporate policies
• Special litigation committee investigations
• Internal corporate investigations

• Frozen foods; juice; licensed food products; probiotics; prebiotics; packaged foods; commodities

Founder disputes
• Representation of founders and investors, such as venture capital funds, private equity funds and angel investors, in disputes that frequently arise as companies transition from founder-managed businesses to professional management
• Litigation avoidance counseling
• Representation in litigation, including seeking injunctions to preserve the business and its assets

• $1B real estate fraud; $20M+ investment fraud; $4M+ import/export supply fraud; $2M+ equipment case

Investor disputes
• Class action and individual actions arising from the issuance of securities, including stock, limited partnership units, limited liability company interests
• Disputes arising out accounting issues, such as revenue recognition, write-offs, classification of income and expenses
• Litigation avoidance counseling, including the review of offering materials, prospectuses, private placement memoranda, registration statements

Mergers and acquisitions
• Litigation involving going private transactions, including class actions
• Litigation and counseling involving contested mergers and take-overs
• Williams Act litigation
• Litigation avoidance and counseling, including the review of proxy statements, 14d-9s and minutes

Premises liability
• Property and business owner defense; ADA compliance; catastrophic injury

Product liability
• Medical devices; prescription drugs; OTC drugs; chemicals; aviation; agriculture; tires

Professional malpractice
• Construction; agriculture; restoration; legal

Real estate
• Lease/contract issues
• Litigation involving developers and syndicators
• Litigation involving tenant-in-common and other offerings involving tax issues

• Pain medications; mouthwash; vitamins; supplements; probiotics; prebiotics; prescription drugs; OTC drugs